Capilex provides real estate financing for professionals

Capilex was created through market demand and real estate sector expertise. We draw on past knowledge and experience to provide mortgages very fast at competitive rates to private individuals and companies.

Who we are

Capilex is a spin-off from Atlantis Financiers N.V., a Dutch company founded in 2013 as a lender for entrepreneurs who struggled to get traditional financing. Today, Atlantis Financiers provides a variety of financial services to more than 3,000 SMEs.

Our experience and expertise in quickly and effectively assessing a company’s financial situation led to our subsidiary, which was launched in 2017. Using Paylex’s software package, which utilizes financial algorithms, entrepreneurs can check the creditworthiness and company data of their customers themselves.

Combining experience and expertise

With Capilex we combine the experience and expertise of Atlantis Financiers and Paylex with our knowledge of the real estate market. In order to gain insight into the financial health of companies, we have combined the capabilities of Paylex with software that uses both PSD2 and modern property valuation models. This makes our working method effective, fast and efficient. We work together with institutional investors, family offices and high net-worth individuals who want to invest in a fast-growing company with a highly secure and fully compliant organization. We offer our financing partners maximum security by fully pledging our clients’ first mortgage rights. At the time of taking out the mortgage, there is usually a 130% coverage available to cover the risk capital.

Professional Real Estate Investors

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to cash in their real estate’s equity, or to purchase new real estate. Using our technology we automatically estimate the risk of financing based on a small amount of data so that you know where you stand quickly. Capilex is especially for professional investors, real estate professionals, and small and medium-sized companies looking to purchase real estate. We focus specifically on professionals, as our services are not intended to serve the consumer sector.

Discovering opportunities

Capilex is a professional, reliable and solid partner with extensive experience and expertise in the field of corporate finance and credit scoring

We have a solid network of “trusted partners”, including tax experts, brokers, notaries and lawyers. That is why we can always deliver custom work. We offer various forms of financing at competitive interest rates.

At Capilex you are assured of quick processing of your application. Thanks to our automated working method, we can assess and approve a property mortgage application within 24 hours. This way you can quickly access your money to realize your dreams and secure your future.

Our team of experts

Luc van Laarhoven
Chief Investment Officer

Lex Gielen
Chief Executive Officer