Refurbishment Finance

This type of financing comprises a commercial mortgage loan that has been developed explicitly for financing the renovation or refurbishment of existing commercial properties.

Refurbishment Finance

This type of financing comprises a business mortgage loan specifically intended for financing the renovation or refurbishment of existing real estate objects. This form of finance is usually combined with bridging or buy-to-let finance.

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Combinations Possible

Financing commercial real estate or a rented apartment: everything that has become part of the real estate of a professional party through accession is suitable as collateral for refurbishment finance. The maximum term of this financing is assessed individually for each specific situation. This type of loan specifically allows for combinations with one of our other types of finance. For example, buy-to-let finance is an ideal combination with refurbishment finance. Say you buy an apartment you aim to renovate. If you already have a property that you let out, there are some excellent options available to you for combining refurbishment finance with buy-to-let finance.

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Bespoke Financing

Renovation, business growth, letting: all these elements work together when you organize this smartly with the right financing. Capilex is specially designed for professional investors, real estate professionals and small and medium-sized companies that have real estate as collateral. And focuses on custom financing solutions, with real estate as collateral. We use innovative technology based on artificial intelligence. And make it as easy as possible for our customers to cash in the equity from their real estate property. With our technology, we reliably and quickly calculate the risk of financing based on just a few data points. This helps entrepreneurs to focus on their core business, knowing that they have the right financing partner on their side.

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